Jeremy Scott

I will admit, my blog posts are not always timely with the article to which they may correspond…please forgive!  I photographed Jeremy Scott this fall.  Today, I saw that Jeremy is going to be on the cover of COMPLEX with ASAP Rocky next month…what a pairing – and a prompting for me to post about my time with Jeremy.

Jeremy Scott is phenomenal – known fact.  He’s generous, thoughtful, patient and eager.  He has a willingness to play and listen and collaborate.

Rhianna’s stylist was in the office picking out clothes for her to wear to something important when I arrived.  I think he went with a denim brassiere and high waisted shorts combo.  After he left and while I waited for Jeremy to be ready, I thumbed through the racks of clothes and marveled over everything.  Did you know that my favorite color is fringe?  It is and Jeremy loves fringe!

xoxoxo to Jeremy.  May we meet again one day.  And thank you to my fabulous editor and the wonderful writer for giving me the opportunity to photograph Jeremy Scott!

NY Times:  Jeremy Scott, Fashion’s Last Rebel

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